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You’ve undoubtedly experienced the Toyota Smart Key system if you drive a new Toyota. This clever technique makes locking, unlocking, and starting your car a breeze. But what happens if your Smart Key stops working? Key Maker Dubai is a key maker and parts business that can help you.

Toyota Smart Key Maker Services Dubai |

What is a Smart Key, exactly?

The Smart Key System, as previously said, is a very helpful feature that can be found in many of our new Toyota cars here at Key Maker Dubai. It makes use of a car key, touch sensors, and a push-button to increase the efficiency of your driving time in ways that a hard mechanical key can’t.

Simply touch the sensor on your door handle to lock or unlock your car if you have your Smart Key on your person, even if it’s in your pocket or handbag. And, as long as the key is still on your person, you can just click the Push Button Start button and drive away.

Although, there is one minor snag: what if your Smart Key stops working? Smart Keys, like any other key fob used to lock and unlock your vehicle, are powered by batteries. They contain a hard mechanical key that you can take out and use to open your door and get entry to your vehicle’s interior.

Therefore, the issue occurs when you have a car that employs the Push Button Start technology to start the engine. You will not have a physical ignition that allows you to insert a hard mechanical key, turn it, and start the engine. So, how do you go about it?
The good news is that you’ll be willing to begin your new Toyota as long as you have the Smart Key in your hands.

Replace your Toyota Smart Key if it’s gone lost.

What happens if you misplace your Toyota Smart Key? You’re going nowhere quickly if your key is gone. Key Maker Dubai can replace it for you in Dubai. You’ll need to provide picture identification and evidence of vehicle ownership, as well as your VIN. Our Toyota smart key maker professionals will be able to access your Smart Keycode number, and we will be able to obtain you a new key and reprogram your new Toyota so that it works.

Do you have any queries or need a replacement for your Smart Key? Please contact us at 050-657-1215. Key Maker Dubai is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday to Thursday.

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