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Key Copy Services in Dubai

Proper key cutting demands Locksmith expertise, skill, and careful concern to details. For copy keys, the locksmiths would cut your old key into a fresh pair of similar functional keys that you may use to open and close your locks.

At Key Maker Dubai, perhaps one of our guiding principles is to choose a locksmith who is passionate about what he does and who is also competent in his job. Through Key Maker Dubai solutions, you may get a key copy near me in Dubai as well as the surrounding towns.

Key Copy Services in Dubai |
Why Choose Us?

Whereas a damaged key, even those with minute changes, may harm your locks over time, and will most probably not operate your car or lock you outside whenever you first expect it.

We can copy keys, make, and model: With years of expertise, the Key Maker Dubai group has coached experts in key cutting, motor vehicle key copy, and vehicle key copy. Essentially, we highlight key copies to every category of the lock with one of the most down key cutting and copying keys accessible for 10 Am – 10 PM in Key Maker Dubai.

Replacing is not just about the key copy: To make a fresh key copy, you must first have a genuine original key that you would like to replicate. Consumers who request duplication are doing so because they require more copies about themselves or close relatives.

They’re also useful for company operators who require several keys or a backup key for granting access rights to a trustworthy worker.

Key Copy Services

You may receive an extra set of keys quickly and easily with our key copy service. There are several reasons to have a spare pair of keys. Consider the wear and tear on your present set of keys, extra keys for family members, or misplaced keys. We can replicate practically any sort of key in our Key Maker Dubai locations. Depending on the kind of key, we can assist you with the replacement key right away. However, in the case of certified keys, the copying of the key may take several days.

We can replicate practically any key for you, whether it’s for your house, mailbox, garage box, automobile, or motorcycle. An already copied key can be replicated again, however bringing the original key to our shop will ensure the highest quality. You may avoid extra wear and tear on the lock and cylinders by bringing the original key. The truth is that key duplication is a precise process, and any errors can degrade the quality of your new key.

Key Maker Dubai is a reputable locksmith store that provides homeowners of Dubai and the nearby region with a cost-effective choice for getting a precisely duplicated key.

We make key copies for just any model and style at a fraction of the cost of a new vehicle, and we would always strive to make keys that function easily every time. Simply make sure you have the physical key in your hand. Broken keys can also be repaired by us.


Whenever you lose your key or it becomes destroyed, we need to change it. This may necessitate a lock exchange or re-keying. However, it is a completely distinct method. If you have any queries regarding our methods of pricing, please do not feel free to contact our Key Maker Dubai specialists.

Our services are available from Saturday- Thursday, 10 am-7 pm. Please contact us at 050-657-1215 today!

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